Sunday, October 11, 2009

Where have we been?

October 11,2009 ~ Where have we been? Working ! 36 privately owned homes for weekly summer rentals - yikes - that proved to be a little much.

What were we thinking ~ somehow when we got back to Maine we just dove in to land life – Don helped his cousin John through a very difficult time with bladder cancer. We are happy to report John is doing quite well and is wintering…brrrr….in the windy city of Chicago with his daughter and her family. I got totally and completely engrossed is pulling in reservations in a tentative economy. A lot of hard work but we ended up only about 15% down from the previous year. Renters didn’t take 2 week vacations though and we were turning over 27 houses a Saturday – I can’t even bare to think about it.

Don had foot surgery at the beginning of June so it was really tough losing his help with mowing and running here and there and everywhere which is what this rental business takes. So I put my head down and plowed through. Bright spots were our nephew Luke on his annual visit to us. He and our neighbor Olivia are our most valuable helpers. Tiller…well Tiller has been in 7th heaven, catching as many mice as possible out doors and once again hanging out at the golf course behind our home – he apparently is their mascot – we don’t’ golf so had to find this out from our great friend John Fleming. "Everyone knows Tiller" he says ! Too bad he only knows how to golf and not do paper work I say.

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