Monday, April 5, 2010

It's warm now - the no seeums are happy

~Fernandina Beach FL - I am about to jum p ship - another nice cruising surprise as Talisman picked up the mooring next to us last night - Roger and Kathy and their dog Pepper - Just went to T Ray's for breakfast - for those of you who don't know T Ray's it's a once in a life time experience - Their t shirt says"eat here get gas " . Ray used to own ( well still does  ) the Exxon station - said he had to do something with all the oil when they closed the gas station so he opened the dinner.  I'll get photos up later - it looks like they stopped pumping gas one day and started serving food the next - a real kick !!
Off to Greensboro,NC to see my college friends Bob & Lyn Houghton, then to Richmond to see sailing friends then to brother Charlies  then home.  Don isn't good at blogging and his computer has dies - i'll keep it up  when i get home to track his progress.  We went to the ocean beach here yesterday and looked out at a gorgeous flat ocean with 10 knot east wind - ahhhhh why couldn't that have been a  sailing day for us??

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