Friday, April 2, 2010

Hey Brother ~ So glad you didn't leave me

Not hard to find reminders of how short life is.  Got the shocking news that my brother Sean had a heart attack Wed. night.  He is doing well after surgery and hopefully will be home tomorrow.  He and his twin, Peter were just 1 1/2 years old when I was born.  Having so many children, my mother just considered the 3 of us one unit - every dentist and doctor appointment together,every swim  and sailing lesson, we hung out together in the station wagon while Mom had coffee at the Bellows Falls coffee shop ( today you would be arrested for leaving your kids in the car - but then - a pack of five flavor life savors is all it took - we were happy )  That's Sean on the left, Peter and then me.  We went to college together ( he had more stick to-it-iveness than I did ! ) Sean and I were pals ~ I even followed him to the Mobile gas station in Wellfleet to work summers ~  had the same group of friends  and voila - how lucky could I be - he married one of my best friends from boarding school Joan who also followed us to UVM . Sean's been there for me in my tough times and has always been so happy for me in my good times. It was so great to see he and Joan in Miami while we were down there this winter. I can't wait to get home and head to Vermont to give you a big hug - i love you brother .


Anonymous said...

Thanks for the heartfelt words, Marg! He is home and on the mend- not the trick is to keep him on a slow pace for a little while. He is an excellent patient and following doctor's orders. The docs feel that there will be no permanent damage and he will be back to his old self after a little recovery time & R&R.

focus said...

What a beautiful photo!