Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Cocoa, FL & Farewell for now to Argonauta

Mile 898 ~ Cocoa - 41 degrees this morning - brrrr - but the sun is shining. We've come from Ttitusville, another short day with Argonauta on our heels. A fun trip in spite of the cold as we could actually sail with the engine off ! We actually had to turn it on an hour before we got to Cocoa because we needed to fully charge our batteries for the 2 nights we would be staying here.
We have been travelling on and off with Greg and Michelle and their boat Argonatua right since the start in Deltaville ~over 900 miles. Greg is a friend from our Vermont days. They left 2 days ahead of us and we hooked back up in the Dismal Swamp. We hunkered down for the gale with them near Bellhaven where Greg made and delivered bread to us. They went outside from Beaufort, NC to Wrightsville beach and then Charleston,SC to Fernandina, FL while we visited friends in Beaufort and took the inside route to Savanah where we then hopped outside for a memorable trip to Fernandina. We kept in touch by phone and kept moving to escape the cold. The day they left Cumberland Island and we left Fenandina beach - we met again in Pine Island. They were kind enough to launch their kayaks and come aboard to visit again always a good time. From there we pretty much cruised together sometimes sharing dinner, always sharing information and laughs.

Our travels together we not planned but as we continued south and Thanksgiving loomed in front of us we changed our Daytona plans and later they changed their plans for moving faster. It was great fun to say what do you guys have ?- "we have pork medallions" - we told them we had a can of cranberry and could make mashed potatoes. They had boxed stuffing - we all had Thanksgiving ! It came up that all of us wanted to visit the Kennedy Space center - so again a small adjustment in plans ( plans aren't really something you make when traveling by boat ) We had just the best day on land and a wonderful evening together and have created some great memories for all of us.

Our first night in Cocoa we invited them over for a good bye cocktail and reminisced. I know Don and Greg had terrible separation anxiety and they have talked on the phone each day since - We just wanted to put this piece in our blog to tell you guys how much fun we had~someone to look for bakeries with ~ thank you for the photos ~ the peanut butter cookies ~ the bread ~ the sharing of cruising info and most of all of course your friendship ~ Heck Greg- you make going aground almost fun !! We miss you guys !!!

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