Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Don's World

Saxtons River VT~Happy Christmas eve - seems our fans have missed us. Life has been busy ~ 'tis the season ~ This is Don's Christmas tree in the Anchorage. I have flown to NE for the holidays and left Don and Tiller to fend for themselves in the sunshine.

MY WORLD: My world is full of ice , snow 16"and single digit temperatures~decorated the Christmas tere at my parents this morning and now 5 girls chatting so can't concentrate - more later....


Anonymous said...

Merry Christmas from all he Campbells in Va.

gregory said...

Happy Holidays to Heron,

There are two sister Westsails in Marathon. Argonauta is in the mooring field of City Marina--life is good and the sun is hot--solar panels are really cranking.