Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Happy New Year !

Bayside, Maine ~ Back from Vermont for Christmas and trying to get caught up with friends ( I just didn't get those cards out this year ! ) ; do our taxes and keep Bayside Cottages Rentals moving forward. We had a white Christmas but couldn't leave the cookie tray long enough to go sliding or snowshoeing. Looks like a good storm coming Saturday so will get out and wear off some of this chocolate ! Mmmmm - it sure is hard after the first one not to just keep going .

It was wonderful to see family, to meet Desmond my new nephew and to see my other nieces and nephews who are growing up so fast . My parents are doing well and I had two quiet nights as an only child after the holiday to spend a little more time with them. So now on to my taxes and Bayside Cottage Rentals work.

2008 was an interesting year. It goes unsaid we will not be retiring in 2009 and we will watch with great interest how the Obama administration begins it's long and arduous chore of pulling our immediate and global worlds back together ~ if possible. When we came back from our boat trip last spring I thought my hard earned savings had taken a hit and was determined to work harder than ever to have a successful summer season and save more for retirement. hah! Well now the pressure is off and it's time for acceptance. I'm young - sort of - don't feel like it sometimes - just have to buckle down and count my blessings which are multiple compared to many. I have 10 siblings, 2 parents, 12 nieces and nephews and more - all alive and well except for a few knees and hips , sheltered and over fed. ( feeling the holiday cooking boom -Ariel - you know I can't resist that fudge you left in my freezer ! ) I have a home and a boat ( no I'm not selling the home to live on the boat ! )

It's been an odd thing living on the boat and only listening to occasional news. Now I'm home with the TV on and if I let myself I start to feel really afraid that the world as I know it is spinning completely out of control. That the comfort Don and I have worked for, been conscious to create can somehow come crashing down. I think a news fast is a healthy thing - be it a day, a week or a boating season. On the other hand had I been listening last spring would I have sold high? Probably not so onward ho I go - took 5 weeks of rentals the last 2 days - sold low and look forward to waking up tomorrow.

Christmas in a big family is fun. It does tend to go on forever but we have some silly moments.Take for example my 85 year old mother aiming and shooting with rapid fire Tyler's Nerf gun ! Lest anyone else think they are boss.

Desmond @ 9 months ~ future New England Patriot

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Anonymous said...

Hi Marg! Hope your chores are getting done, you'll be back in the Florida heat in no time. Two great photos from Christmas, I especially like the one of Grandmommy taking charge.