Thursday, December 4, 2008

Dragon Point, Bananna River

Mile 914.2 ~ Dragon Point - We have turned off the Indian River where the ICW will continue down to Vero beach and anchored just up the Banana River - The tip of Merrit Island is to our left and the ocean to our right - very near Melbourne , FL. It's a very pleasant spot - just hanging out here wasting time now that we have such a short way to go. Vero is our first destination so to speak. Don will be in Vero for 4 - 5 weeks while i fly home to work and be in Vermont for Christmas. The trip was just 3 hours from Cocoa ( it's that five mile an hour thing ). Don's in shorts and it was 60 when we got up this morning- nice. yesterday AM was near record lows. Pretty soon I will be complaining about the heat- it's the funny thing this trip south to find warm weather. I don't particularly like warm weather and the sun doesn't like my lily white skin. Don loves to be in the 80's - even at home which is why we have a wood stove and a gas heater in the same small room !
We rowed to shore via the canals that are off the river to find a neat little park, a veggie stand and a great restaurant all right there. WE had a really good , inexpensive lunch at "Doubles" and decided to walk through the neighborhood towards the ocean ~ it was just over a mile we guestimate . The really funny thing is that there is a Leows right across from the ocean beach. Seems like an odd use of prime real estate but we went in and checked out the Christmas Trees - settling for a 4" poinsettia to make the boat a little cheerier for the holidays. Along the way in the canal the dolphins came by us - they are just so much fun to watch. Last night Don was alone in the row boat in the canal and when he heard them he stopped, put the oars down and just held his hand out. One of the dolphins came up and touched his hand. There is also a beautiful , large pair of herons on the dock near us and osprey perch in the tippy top of the tall , thin Norfolk pine trees. A perfect spot from which to spot their next catch. We are the only ones anchored here and it's so peaceful. There is one other boat that belongs to one of the waterfront homes. We'll enjoy the peace while we have it. Tomorrow on to Vero...

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