Sunday, December 14, 2008


Vero beach ~ Even here living on the boat Sundays have a different feel. The city bus doesn't run on Sundays, the anchorage is quieter, fewer dingys buzzing around, lots of folks taking walks and riding bikes.

Our neighborhoods near the marina are very pleasant. We just love these 2 little streets that are farther south of us - just south of what they call Oceanside - the oceanfront section of Vero beach with a few boutiques and a pricey ice cream shop ( just ask Don about his $4.00 ice cream cone ~ He misses his $2.00 large Maine creamies. ) Note the dirt road !

We thought we better prove we are near the ocean - in fact we can dingy to the ocean from here. We had a nice hour and 1/2 bike ride this afternoon- it felt good.

Tonight we have invited Harry for dinner. Harry is a solo sailor from Seattle Washington - He is nearly done with his first circumnavigation - he plays the flute and is going to give Don some pointers. It will be interesting to hear his stories - he was at sea alone for 33 days once - says he loves it and didn't know a thing about sailing wehn he bought his boat 4 years ago.

Don's been entertaining our neighbors with Christmas songs on the flute - nice - Last night there was a boat parade but they didn't come close enough to photograph - a few of the boats and an incredible amount of lights on them - festive - but at 70 degrees still doesn't feel like Christmas - We liked the sailboat the best because they had lights on every single stay and tons of lights on the hull itself. A lot of work and an awesome display. Well off to get organized for company !...


sean said...

Apparently Tiller no longer has any adventures

margie said...

yes he does ...he's now rowing around with don and don had a lesson in blogging but i see he may have forgotten !