Monday, October 27, 2008

Departure delayed

Getting ready for departure is a lot of work and worry. Everything needs to be cleaned, tested , stowed. We need food and take advantage of having our car to provision the heavier items as once we leave the dock in Healey Cove we will be on foot until spring. The weather needs to be watched and needs to be right. Today was to be the day ~ a north or west wind to take us down the Chesapeake Bay to Norfolk~an 8 or 9 hour day. We have worked diligently getting the boat ready but yesterday when Don emptied our water tanks to flush out and provide us with new drinking water, the system stopped working. He struggled all day to figure out and fix the problem. Our friends Bob and Sarah who helped us arrange this time on the dock for which we are eternally grateful - helped and took Don to get a new a water pump - Bob is a great trouble shooter and even he was baffled by a system of hoses and valves that seem way overdone for our small boat.

Meanwhile I worked at the home we had been staying out to thoroughly clean it, move our things to the boat and organize. I was uneasy all day thinking things from the start of the day had not gone as planned. The 7 hours Don worked on the water would have been spent on pulling together all the last minute details.

At 5 PM I arrived at the boat with Tiller and the last of our food - It was cold and raining - when I got aboard they still had the boat torn apart - there was no room for me, the cat or the rest of our provisions. Don was so engrossed in problem solving he lost track of time and the weather report. I felt far from ready - the weather forecast was cold and strong winds. Tension could be felt by all - we had to let go of our plans to leave in the morning. I gratefully boarded "Aequantimitus" Bob and Sarah's warm, organized, Dickerson 36' sailboat to have a glass of wine with Sarah. The heater was on, no tools or parts in sight - just the warmth of friendship. We traded sailing and weather stories - a really nice end to the day.

Today was spent being grateful we weren't out in the gale - the wind has been terribly strong all day - gusts up in the low 40's - now Thursday is the day - tomorrow we will finish little details - we spent all afternoon at the boat getting the little things in place and feeling ready when the wind softens. Don solved the water issue for now - we dreamed this year would be warmer than last but with a high of 53 today and temps in the low 30's tonight - it's not going to be. With 30 knot winds I don't want to think of the wind chill. Well signing off for now - my air card signal comes and goes and I have had to restart this blog a dozen times - one more adjustment to life afloat !.... 7:30 PM - Margaret

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