Monday, October 20, 2008


Tiller is back, we are packed ( almost ) , now we just need to get our car back from the repair garage and we are off ~ leaving our cute little home on the Maine coast , headed to VA by car. We'll stop tomorrow night to see my brother & family in Arlington (Charlie, Julie , Caitlyn and Luke.) Imagine Tiller will yowl all the way - poor little fella. The boat is in Deltaville, VA. We have many friends there including Greg who has already launched Argonauta his 46' Cal and is still in the area. We travelled with Greg for the first few days last year and couldn't keep up so I imagine we'll head solo this time though this time of year on the ICW (Intra Coastal Waterway) you are hardly alone. It's a steady stream of boaters trying to leave the cold behind.
Packing has felt like some sort of insanity to me. I am no good at it on a good day ~ never know what to bring ~ without a car to load it all into we have food provisions, the printer for my lap top, clothes, electronics and oh so much more all over our living room.
It's a glorious sunny fall day in Maine - though it was 22 degrees this morning ~ we are hopeful our first week in Deltaville will not be the 8" of rain we had last year. Part of me can't wait to get out of Dodge and part of me would like to cozy in for the winter but that's not much of an adventure !
Saturday we had breakfast with friends (Doris and Rod ) who we met in Stuart Fl last winter. The live in Belgrade Lakes , Maine. They sold their boat so will be in Stuart again on land this time. It was fun I just say to reminisce about last winter and to gain information from them about going "around the hook". A trip through the Okeechobee Lake to the western shore of FL , around Miami and back up into the ICW. So the planning begins..... Margaret


Anonymous said...

good luck on your journeys to come!

luke said...

It was awsome to see you - love Luke

charlie said...

Bon Voyage ! Bon chance!

Greg said...

Thanks for the yuengling - here's to more on the way ! love, Gregory