Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Watching the weather

Why am I writing in our journal today ?~ Because I can. We are still on ground so to speak. The winds slightly less than yesterday –when the sun is out it’s warm enough with 3 layers of clothing on. I had already been practicing since we arrived last week wearing my clothes more days in a row. Not that it’s ever been about my hair-do but now I’ll let the natural oils tame my mane.
It was exactly a year ago today that we took off on our first boat journey south. I was looking back at some photos and we did have a few days with Don in just a t-shirt – We feel better having already done this once but it’s still nerve wracking – the trip down the bay not to be taken lightly – these west winds have actually drawn lots of water out of the Chesapeake Bay. The tides are 2 feet below normal. It was strange today trying to figure out the tide even though a day or 2 ago we knew when the high tide was – it was high tide today and the water mark was where it was last weekend at low tide. This little creek we are in is a trick to get in and out at high tide so low tide being at 6:10 tomorrow morning is not in our favor. Running aground within 30 minutes of our journeys start is not really the tale we want to tell.
Tiller’s been really good for a cat that roamed the golf course all summer to being cooped up and kept on a tether. I wonder if I will be as well behaved ?
Stayed tuned... Margaret

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Robert said...

Good luck on your departure Thursday morning. We really enjoyed our visit with you and wish you well on your trip south. We will be watching your blog daily and look forward to reading about your trip. Give tiller a squeeae of us.