Saturday, October 25, 2008

Launch Day

"I come now,at this late juncture of my life, to this sudden relization: I have no destination, no real destination in the literal sense. The destination,the place toward which my life is tending, is the journey itself and not the final resting place. How I get there is more important than whether I arrive, although I will arrive, and what I must try to remember, now more than ever, is to listen to the wind, and the wind will tell me what to do." First You Have to Row a Little Boat by Richard Bode
I stand corrected- our boat weighs
22,000 lbs. Yesterday was launch day and once in the water we moved the boat to Healey Creek off the Piankatank River. The boat yard we were in was at the mouth of the Rappahanock River - We had to sail ( motor sail ) out around Stingray point 2 - 3 miles before turning into the Piankatank River. The worst sail I have ever had - no fun at all and already moments of "I want to go home ! " The wind was only blowing 10 - 15 but the waves were five feet high and not very far apart. We had to go straight into the wind and the waves. Heron was pitch polling ~ at times the prop would come out of the water and make a horrible sound. The ower of the waves not to be underestimated. I managed to get below to get my life jacket on and prayed Don would not be pitched out of the the boat ! I was feeling really happy that Tiller was back at the ranch so to speak ( the wonderful home of our friends ) and he wasn't one more thing to think about and keep track of.

Had a wonderful dinner and lots of laughter and great chat with our friends Bob & Angelique "Beachbum" last night. This boating thing is really everything - it's all coming back to me - the fun, the camaraderie and the moments of fear and trepidation. My ears are tuned into the wind, the noaa weather report all important. I'm trying to get used to my Bayside Cottage Rentals work taking forever with my dial up speed - using web mail - watching it grind - but it works and I have email almost wherever we are. Soon I will figure out how to put an email me button on this site - in the meantime my email is (hmmm maybe it's as easy as that ) and Don's email is lacostedm@gwinet We are organizing - and thinking Tuesday will be our taking off day - perhaps Monday - a lot to be done between now and then... Margaret

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