Friday, October 31, 2008

Mile Zero

Here we are at mile 0 of the Intra Coastal Waterway after a great day on the water and wonderful anchorage last night. We were treated to a beautiful sunset and an equally beautiful sunrise in Fishing Bay. The wind died, the first time since arriving in Virginia we weren’t listening to the wind howl. The night was calm and quiet.
Lest you think we are alone and crazy there were 17 boats in the anchorage. After an hour on the Bay this morning with steady 14 knot winds from the west everyone had their sails up – we could count 18 boats behind us and 12 in front of us. Only a few were trawlers. We left Fishing bay @ 7:15 and arrived at Hospital point in Porstmouth/Norfolk at 4:00 PM – our sail lasted 4 ½ hours before the wind shifted and was on our bow making us motor the rest of the way. We feel like we have worked damn hard just to get to mile zero – Beaufort NC is mile 204 Vero beach is mile 900 and something – a long way to go and lots of foibles still to come we are sure of that!!
This anchorage is interesting - (about 17 boats again ) the cities of Portsmouth and Norfolk in front and behind us. We had to spend time in the shipping channel, watching for and giving leeway to barges, naval ships, container ships and the chase boats that guard the navy ships. Once we turned the corner out of the bay the air was much warmer and we enjoyed a beer and dinner out in the cockpit. I am thrilled not to have the heater on and it’s 66 in the boat vs the 44 it was this morning.
So off to the dismal swamp tomorrow and yes tomorrow night will be spent there at the visitors center – hmmm ……let’s hope we have no visitors …. Happy Halloween ! Margaret & Don click on photos for larger photo but then hit "back"

Sailing - yes actually sailing ! Norfolk,VA Tiller - chiller !

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Hi ! What's up on the ICW! You are running into people I know already!