Thursday, October 23, 2008

Deltaville, VA

Here we are in Deltaville, VA after a 12 hour drive to Arlington - Tiller was just great ! Not too much crying and when we got to my brother Charlie's house he recognized the room he had stayed in before. We kept him out of reach of the 2 dogs and a good time was had by all though our visit was too short. Wonderful to connect with Charlie, Julie, Caitlyn and Luke and too meet Caitlyn's friend Evan. We don't see them often enough. The new patio looks great and we'll hope for some time in the spring on our return trip to help paint and get ready for Caitlyn's graduation party.

So there she is ~ Heron~ all 20,000 lbs of her - today we'll be unloading the car - organizing food, sails, getting ready for tomorrow's launch.

We are very fortunate for the generosity of our friends Mike and Ann who have generously allowed us to stay in their waterfront home here in Deltaville while we get Heron livable. It's a wonderful modern ranch home with deep water dock - beautiful views and generous living space. It's for rent if anyone wants info on that just let us know. A great get-away for 2 to 6 people. Deltaville is a town of about 1,000 I would say - very small town - with 15 boat yards !

We'll leave our car here for Mike and Ann to use when they come east in November and December. A wonderful trade ~ I think we get the better end of the stick ,though if we keep having to visit the auto repair shop ( yes even had to have the car checked out in Arlington ! and today a new battery in Deltaville ! ) that old van may be worth as much as a house !

Had great visit with our friend Greg last night - he's been aboard Argonauta for a month or so getting ready for his journey south. Fun to talk about our start of this journey last fall together. Always fun to see an old friend. Well the new battery is in the car - time to get back to work.... Margaret

We have had a lot of inquiries about how to comment on our posts - you do not need a google password and account - if you click on comments - type your comment in - then fill in the funny looking script as instructed - then you will see the spot where is asks you for your password - just look below that and click on name/url instead and type in your name - that's it !! Then send your comments - just remember they are for all to read !


wendy said...

Have a great trip; it sounds like fun! It's getting frosty here already, but we're enjoying the fall sunshine.

Ed D said...

you're blogging ... woo hoo! thanks for explaining the comment process without creating an account. talk soon.

greg-"Argonauta" said...

Well Guys--let the adventure begin. The land life fades away and enter the world of the weather gods. Tiller the Killer cat looks in great form --as do both of you. Great to see Heron back in the water

DAD said...

Bon Joyage !

Laura said...

Hi Mr. Don and Miss Margaret, Hope you guys have a great trip, and that we get to see you this time. - Jack

Sean said...

Marge and Don, Hope this are going swimmingly. You look huddled but comfortable and the tone of your blog is much lighter than we heard last year. I assume the experience along with better weather make everything easier. I just got back from spending a week with Aunt Renie in Arizona; cleaning her house organizing her finances and spending virtually every waking hour with her. 95 Degrees everyday and I hoped that I would get out to rent a bike for a couple of days. Never happened. In fact,only outside to beat a rug and morning walks in the desert with the dog. Then trips to the bank, hairdresser, drycleaners, etc. Its was great landing in minneapolis and feeling the relief of cooler air. Anyway, we are watching your progress and hope you have a great trip and long warm winter. sean and Joan

Mary H. said...

Hi kids, i'm enjoying your progress. Their talking about snow here next Wednesday! Brrr...Max wants to know if the water is "RUFF". Hope to hear from you soon.
Mary H.

big dog said...

I just wanted to warn you about some snakes I heard about on a Discovery special. Apparently in Florida and several other southern states people are releasing and allowing non-native snakes (mosltly boas) to escape into the wilds and burbs and because the food supply is so available they are growing into giants!
Guess what that food supply is?? CATS!! So beware.