Thursday, January 1, 2009

I Miss You

Bayside, Maine 1/1/09 !! - 2 degrees - 25 mile an hour winds Brrrrr! Yes Don is still in FL and I am still in Maine so this is an old photo taken on our family's Christmas Tree in Vermont.
I miss you my sweet love ~ and am looking forward to the warmth ! Come on...we want some photos of Tiller - or at least an adventure of Tiller - I hear he's become a great fan of the dingy maybe I can drum up an old photo!!...shoot they are on my lap top ...


sean said...

I miss you sweet love too. Sean

Anonymous said...

Margaret, Margaret, Margaret,

Has been a tough year and lots of people walking around like the walking wounded. I hear many people joking that they used to be wealthy or they haven't lost anything until they cash in. The world is a different place today--and for the near future --I believe.

I like the definition of being wealthy as "When you are satisfied with what you have". It is a state of mind rather than a bank account. That's what cruising is all about--getting to that state of mind. Chocking up sun rises and sundowns that are priceless in beauty and free. We might all enjoy looking at a beautifully cut diamond--mostly because they cost so much --but if the beaches were covered with them --would we think of them the same--would they be less beautiful? I think in this case the different sculptured shells with their wild variations of colors and individual textures might be valued more--and they are free

Is the person that sees and enjoys beauty in the ordinary--- less wealthy than those that have to buy it?

OK --I admit maybe I've been alone on the boat too long.

Peace and Joy to all this year


Anonymous said...

No, you have definately not been alone on your boat to long! What you wrote was true & honest. I loved it! YOU absolutely "get it"!