Tuesday, December 29, 2009

The day after Christmas - at the beach ! That's a new one to me !

Ft Lauderdale ~ A busy place though as our friends Ed and Brad showed us around the drastic dip in the economy shows loud and clear in empty buidlings - even beach front condos. We had a great visit  - lots of good food, good cheer and a really nice walk at the beach to try to make up for it all. The advantage of having our car this year is that we have been able to make these trips to see our friends.  It's more like we are living here at the moment than cruising.  We will get under way again but not for several weeks.  I have a lot of tax thigs to take care of, reservatons are very busy in January, this facility is just great and the friends we have in the area are a joy.

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gina.campbell said...

Gosh I know that beach...my dad's place not too far away! Good to hear from you at xmas. We loved out oranges and grapefruit, SUPERB. Then we had presents under the tree, even more superb. Laura and I loved our scarves (ooh la la), Tyler his gift back and Will his really cool Welfleet tile. Thanks so much. Miss you and think of your warm temps. Love, Gina