Friday, December 11, 2009

One Day On the Road ~ Vero ~ Dick & Libby

Dick and Libby are fellow Westsail owners as you can see from the photo they are also great firends to Tiller.  Tiller just loves Libby and couldn't wait to see her again this year.  We are so lucky to be in Vero and to be able to be rafted with them. They are kind enough to let Tiller roam their boat and leave some of his cat hair behind !  We met Dick and Libby several years ago in Maine - Don spotted their boat - in Searsport I believe.  We saw them 2 years ago and last year had to settle for stories from our frind Greg aboard Argonauta about their travels.

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Anonymous said...

Hey Marg & Don,
Back to following your adventures. Magic Bus - clever! Now I can't get the song out of my mind. You left New England just in time. Ground is white and brrr... Hope your transition into warmer climate happens quickly. As you shed layers, I'll be putting them on - depart for Anchorage on 12/22. Ciao. Amy