Thursday, December 10, 2009

Out of the Grand Canal and into the Bannana River

Mile 914~ Dragon Point - off the dock - that is Burt our wonderful host in Sattelite Beach waving as he shoved us off the dock and out the canal. No easy task truning the boat in teh canal - 4 uof us and a little perseveranece and we were on our way gratefully with Chrystal aboard to navigate us the 5 miles out of the canal sysatem, through 2 narrow opening bridges and into the Bananna River to one of our favorite anchorages. Its been hot - 80's - we of course had just arrived out tof the cold so with all the work to do to get the boat ready we have been struggling with the heat. Burt and Chrystal have lng  pants on - whew ! We are at anchor now and a front is passing through with some high winds - the first blast picked our screen up and threw it almost overboard but on the side of the boat making a huge sound - our first 30 minutes at anchor after 10 months and we thought sommething drastic had happened. That first blast of wind actually heeled the boat and as a reminder this boat weighs 22,0000 pounds.  Then we couldn't find Tiller - I could finally see him way under the dingy on the bow - it took 2 of us and a little of his favorite soft food to get him out and down below.  This cat has been an unbelievable trooper.

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