Sunday, December 13, 2009

Tiller rescued !

Tiller loves to get in the dingy and go for a ride - you can scan back through last years posts and see this is nothing new for him ~ Our second day here I had rowed to shore and upon returning to the boat Tiller jomped in so I took him for a little row - when we got back I grabbed what I thought was the painter ( the line to tie the dingy up ) and when I got up on our sailboat and puled the line I realized I had grabbed a line attached to NOTHING! Tiller was in the dingy - the wind was blowing and away he went.  Don was down below with our neighbor Merle who was doing some physical therapy on Don's foot, I shouted out - they came up, Merle's wife jumped in their dingy but it had not been bailed out since the rain storm the night before and with her weight the dingy tipped, spilling over the gas can and filling the dingy with gas and water - so we shouted to a passer by - he started for tiller but we realized he had his dog in the boat with him.  These nice folks who were headed to shore to the Saturday evening social hour - detoured to to pull Tiller back home.  At first glance it was all just fun and humorous. The reality is that is was quite windy and he was headed for the mangroves ~ had he reached that far shore he would have hopped out into the snake infested brush- ohhh~ let's not go there !   (If you click on our photos they do enlarge but then you ahve to click the back button to get back to the blog. )

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