Monday, December 21, 2009

Life in Vero

Stuart ~ We left Vero beach this morning @ 7AM - 42 degrees so we are back in our Maine ski parkas, hats and gloves. We had a good visit in Stuart. My sister Sarah was there working for the Endicotts so we got a chance to visit with her several times including a fun dinner ( she cooked us a great meal ! ) at the Endicott's home. They asked us to bring our laundry :) can you imagine? After checking with Sarah ~ we did ! In Vero we raft usually 3 abreast. The anchorage is not as full as last year but we are so fortunate to have our friends Dick and Libby aboard Tarwarthie who love Tiller as much as we do and give him extra roaming room.  Sandy and  Merle aboard Amber Marie were gracious enough to let Tiller aboard their home as well. Those 2 were already rafted when we arrived so we willingly joined them. Having immediate neighbors can be a lot of fun - we sometime eat together ( thank you Libby ! ) and soemitmes play together. Don fiddles with the flute , Dick is learning the harmonica and Merle has some gorgeous songs he wrote and plays guitar.  The other evening Dick was playing a Christmas carol so I suggested Don get out his flute and play along.  Merle heard them and came out from under with his guitar - Lots of fun !

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