Wednesday, December 2, 2009


Off to Vermont in the rumble bus to spend Thanksgiving with my parents in Saxtons River.Our first trip together in the luxury liner aka “magic bus”. It’s fun to slow down and take the scenic route but after about 2 hours of travel I finally said –“Do you smell exhaust?” Don said he did and turns out we have an exhaust leak so had to keep the windows open the whole way. At least we didn’t break down I say. I am not sure how many more parts Don can replace on this rig but it is kind of fun to ride retro.

My family owns a Christmas tree farm so while you were eating we were harvesting. Tis the season. The trees were heavy with rain and dew but 7 of us, my sister Sarah, my brothers, Sean, Michael, Will and Matt, Don and myself got I think the number was 213 trees by 1PM – we were soaked and ready to pack it in for the day.  Friday our nephew Tyler joined us in the pouring rain.  Saturday my brother Charlie cam from VA to help and we had to head home. It was fun to work as a group and I am grateful I could put in some time this year as I am usually not around at Thanksgiving. Sean and Michael for years have done the bulk of the work in addition to their real lives.

Whatever you paid for your tree know this: Cut, drag out of field, lift into baler, take off baler and stack, bring tractor , load onto tractor, take to barn, unload, next day load on to trailer for the retailer. All that for $15.00 a tree !!!! Enjoy your farm raised, organically grown , gorgeous Vermont Christmas tree !!!

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