Monday, December 14, 2009

We're Hot !

Well it is taking me a little bit to get going on the blog - I haven't had a lot of computer time - there is a learning curve to the program and we are hot ~ lethargic ~ the no see ums are thick and keeping us up at night. There are stories to tell and I will get to filling in the blanks.  This Vero beach anchorage is not as full as last year though we are rafted 3 abreast ourselves there are lots of doubles and plenty of singles.  Once again we are enjoying our neighborhood - a gorgeous walk to the beach through pleasant shaded tree canopied neighborhoods.  Yesterday Don and I put our feet in the ocean ~ I dream I might actually swim this year ~ those that know me well will get a good laugh out of that one.  Last year Florida had record breaking cold - this year it appears to be record breaking heat - Tiller is shedding in fine shape - Don and I are trying to acclimate.  50 degrees warmer than last year !  It's been fun arriving and knowing quite a few people.  Some are live a boards who appear not to have left Vero since we saw them last - others are just on the annual trek to the Bahamas stopping for a period of time here in Vero - with the bus system it's a really easy place to provision and work on the boat - We are here with a car for the first time but most are on foot when not on the boat so a good public transportation system is a gift.  being a Vermont girl transplanted to Maine it's tough to find Christmas here. Last night in the anchorage someone with a trumpet played Christmas carols, Don chimed in with his flute a rusty but nice rendition of Joy to the World -


Laura said...

How great to hear your voice, Margaret (and Don's in the background, too!) and to know you're just a couple of hours away. The kids are thrilled; we're aleady trying to figure out when we can get up there - if you don't get here first!

Laura (again) said...

A "cold" front is on its way! It might only get up to 71 on Sunday! Hope you still have your fleece jackets!