Sunday, January 4, 2009

I'm Back.....

Vero Beach ~ January 13th 2009 ~ I thought it might be fun for you to see how we live on this boat ~ as I've mentioned earlier we are sailing/living on a Westsal 32 ~ It's a stout , heavy boat for it's size weighing in at around 22,000. lbs. She feels safe - not that you need to feel safe sitting on a mooring in Vero Beach Florida ! But that overnight passage we did from
Savannah to Fernandina Beach - it was comforting to have a boat that as it slammed up and down in the waves didn't feel like it was going to fall apart. Having just been home in Maine and visiting family inVermont i had the opportunity to talk to some people who had no idea about baot living. A 32 foot boat - wow - do you have a captain - yup we do - Don and a crew - yup me and a cat. I guess if you have only sailed a sailfish 32' seems large - it's all in the perspective. ~~well that was interesting -~~we were at the library trying to get a lot of computer work done - a storm blew through, power out and we had to leave - 2 hours later we are back on the boat drying our outer wear and back on battery only power -
Boat living can be a fun adventure but at the moment I am readjusting to the space and the need to dingy everywhere and the lack of shore power. The library example is just one - lost 1/2 a day of time and got nothing done - but did it really need to be done yesterday or is today soon enough?

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Mike Cassidy said...

Hey guys - found your blog and can now keep track of your progress. Sounds like a fun trip south.

Hope your New Year is full of joy.

Mike, Angela, and the boys.