Monday, January 26, 2009

Tea Time,Great Friends & I finally get it

Vero Beach~ While I was in Maine at Christmas Don made some new friends here in Vero including Bill and Fran on "Tea Time" sailing a 26' Seafarer - Homeport -Starks Maine. They didn't sail the boat down but had it trucked to somewhere in Florida and do intend to go further. I think every single boat we have met from Maine has been a good looking boat. This is a beauty - Bill and Fran restored it but the day Don and I had tea with Bill while Fran was in Maine caring for her father who was ill, I came to appreciate what a huge boat I live on. This boat is tiny ! Bill and Fran have met so may great friends here that Saturday they cooked a wonderful lunch for 10 of us ~ chicken Marsala - they accomplished this feat on shore - it was great fun and a further bonding moment for a group of us here .
Of course the truth is most of these friends go by our boat in their dingy's and we hear them say - "oh hi Tiller" - it is all about Tiller the famous dingy cat - we had to set him adrift yesterday as we needed to do some varnishing and keep his little paws out of the wet varnish. His love for that little boat is hard to resist - he and I are alone this afternoon and he has been in the dingy meowing so strong our neighbor even popped his head out to see what was up ! You can see we are having beautiful weather - I finally get why people want to be snowbirds. I always thought is was so corny - something truthfully I didn't know anything about - also I was a skier - or still am just haven't been skiing lately - I don't mind winter as much as Don does - It gets terribly long around April when other states are having spring and November and December can be hard to take when it gets dark at 4 PM or so. But it has its moments - wonderful white snow storms so pristine and fun. That said ~ as I've been walking to the ocean beach day and feeling the pleasant warmth of the sun on my skin - holding my head high with no winter clothes to be cocooned into I finally get that is just feels good to be where it's warm and it feels easier to say "hello" to passers by. I do think boating is like a lot of activities where the commonality makes friendship nearly instantaneous. We have met friends with big boats, little boats, used to have big careers, little careers - it doesn't matter - we share something in common, tell stories and hope to see each other again along the way.

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