Monday, January 19, 2009

Tiller the dingy cat !

Vero Beach - Monday ~ This was the day we were to head for Stuart but as often happens with sailors just floating their way no where ~ we changed our minds. Another cold front is going to come through putting us in the 30's at night. This mooring field in Vero is narrow compared to Stuart so if there is any wind at all we feel we'll be warmer here. This cat of ours is a real character - we have been blessed to be rafted to Greg and Mary aboard "Southern Cross" Greg has graciously come to the point of becoming Tiller's Uncle - Tiller's island has expanded to two and he is not tied up any more while aboard. When Greg first arrived Don tried his best to keep Tiller on Heron but to little avail. Greg tells us when we first open the hatch boards in the morning Tiller skips right over along his rub rail, across the cock pit to the stern of his boat and sometimes into his dingy just to check out what might be in the water on that side of our little flotilla. Tiller is not a big lap cat though he has his moments. When we first set sail in the Chesapeake , it was cold and the wind was blowing he clung to us like glue ~ cuddled like a baby. He's like that teenage boy who snubs his parents when they want a hug but in the quiet moments climbs right up on his dad's lap. Greg says Tiller tolerates him ( he better ! ) but just skips off as he tries to pet him. They had a guest and Tiller jumped right on the lap of the man and stayed there for hours - on our boat when Teri and Neal realized we were in the anchorage they stopped by - we invited them aboard for a glass of wine - Tiller immediately leaned against Neal and looked for affection. I'm not one to assume you love my cat and please don't ever assume I love your dog so I tried to move Tiller - Neal said it was ok and Teri laughed with glee - Turns out Teri had been pushing for a boat cat and Neal was the "no" man. Isn't it great Tiller sniffed that out? 2 years ago I had knee surgery ~
Tiller sits on my lap far less than Don's but that day when I came home from surgery to sleep off the drugs - mid day - he climbed on the bed and gently lay against my injured leg - all afternoon. This is a cat who at home is allowed to run free outdoors. Quite something at times watching him. This photo is Sunday after Don and I came back from a long walk and wonderful lunch on Waldo's right on the beach ~ see the waitress in the orange that was our table - perfect ! mahi mahi Jamaican spiced sandwich with fabulous fattening spicy fries for $9.95 a bargain even before you factor in the location. (anyone know how to get rid of that underline? - this program has a mind of it's own sometimes - I have no clue how that got underlined. ) When we came back Tiller was calling out for a dingy ride - so we let him hop in - he and Don toured the mooring field - Tiller sits right up like a dog would and just sniffs out the world. He loves it - seriously loves it - when they got back Tiller was calm, came in the boat for the night before dark - rarely does that happen. So who knows what goes on in that little mind of his other than that he knows for sure he is in charge.
Don at Waldos on the beach, Tiller's World, Falmingo Lane another beautiful little dirt lane in the neighborhood

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Trip said...

Great Post! I have a cat at home and I think she would be a nervous wreck on my sailboat. I really think a cat is a better companion on a boat, they have much better balance and coordination than dogs.

Fabulous photo of Tiller in the dinghy!

As for the underline, you could try to delete the text and replace it. I would copy it into Word or Wordpad and then delete it from the post. Then try to copy and paste it back in and see if that works. These computers seem to have minds of their own sometimes.