Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Welcome Aboard

Welcome aboard followers ~ I have to admit when I noticed the first follower it felt really funny. I started this blog with my parents in mind – My Dad will be 90 this year and my mother 85 ~ they can no longer go to their once loved place in the sun and to say the Vermont winters are long is a very large understatement. I am a lousy correspondent these days – on the phone and computer so much for work they’ve lost their charm for personal correspondence. I come from a very large family and thought this journal would be a wonderful way to keep in touch . A wonderful way for us to document our trip. Last year as hard as I tried to send group emails it just didn’t work for me.
I know when you put anything out on the web it is open for all to read and in the case of our business web site that is a real plus. In the case of the blog it feels different but I have been writing this right along knowing there were people I was unaware of reading along.
I try to keep my business and personal life separated and have purposely not shared the blog with most of my clients and have in a few cases asked friends not to pass it along. I really don’t need all my renters chatting it up with me all summer about what I did all winter ! I have wondered at times if I should write more about the navigation and other things that would help fellow sailors but have chosen to simply write a personal journal that I hope my parents and family will read and be entertained by and if others think it’s fun to travel the waters of the east coast vicariously then that’s just great.
You will also enjoy the blog of our friends Dick and Libby Mills aboard "Tarwathy" http://dickandlibby.blogspot.com/ another Westsail 32 – they are full time live-a-boards and I know no one who is more pleased with what he has chosen to do in retirement than Dick. Be sure to look at the Everglades City photos and scroll down and read every word of his Jan 15th post ! Great fun. If you click his photos they will enlarge – then just click the back key. Be sure to note how fancy the Rod & Gun club are – a great out loud laugh at Dick’s expense but the good news is he has a wonderful sense of humor you will see all through his blog. So ride along and we’ll look forward to hearing from you and yes – knowing the world is reading – we will all keep it PG – a good reminder for my dear brothers.

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