Sunday, January 25, 2009

More about the boat

Vero Beach, FL ~ I know it's hard to believe but we are incredibly busy - I just don't seem to get to this blog every day though things roll around in my head to blog about. We have had an incredible social life since Christmas which ads to the busyness but also ads to the fun and we have met some really great friends here. ~As promised here is a little more about the boat. This photo is of our living room, dining room, cat carrier space, family/game room with entertainment area, our pantry, media storage, sometimes dance hall, furnace room ,lounge ~ otherwise called the "main saloon";front hallway ( that houses our hanging closet and a set of "drawers" for clothing storage), master bedroom, and library reading room~ . When we bought the boat the dining table was fixed. Don took it apart, added the wine rack and game closet now the table folds up when we don't need it to give us more space. The next photo is our state of the art kitchen and opposite that is our navigation station. The galley takes some getting used to. A 2 burner gas stove with oven but we've never used the oven We have a grill outside that has been a life saver. One the counter note the two square covers - that is our refrigerator. We have the bottom lined with soda cans that we don't use to help keep in cold - it is a real fridge but we add ice as well because the fridge is our largest power hog on the boat. We discovered this year that if we keep the fridge less provisioned we actually don't lose as much food. We try to go to farmers markets whenever possible. Cooking on the boat can be fun and makes us use our imaginations as we rarely have all the ingredients we would have at home. Yes there are days the space gets small but we are off the boat almost everyday including traveling along - which as you can see we haven't done for quite a while. As I write this Don is in the bunk reading and I am standing at the nav station on the computer - so it works. We have worked on the boat today - varnishing some of the railings, done laundry and I walked to the ocean beach. It is a glorious warm day in Vero beach - the beach was actually full. The first time I have seen that but I have discovered that if a light jacket is needed it is way too cold for the natives. We do have room to entertain both in and outside - this third photo is of our recent dinner guests Mike and Georgia Dunn - my brother's inlaws who are here on their beautiful Island Packet sailboat - We have suffered some real cold here in Vero - 32 for several nights in a row so this evening we were all enjoying our heater which finally seems to work really well. So you see we can have a lot of fun on this really small space - which brings me to Fran and Bill ~ it's all in the perspective - they are from Maine - here on their 27 (beautiful) but only 27 foot boat !! Holy Cow as they say in Maine !

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