Saturday, March 20, 2010

Tiller is not a lap cat

Ahhh….We had a beautiful anchorage last night beyond the Mathers bridge on the Banana River. We’ve blogged about this spot before – we just love it. It’s a patrolled no wake zone, a beautiful peaceful spot.  We anchored around 2;30 – still a little cool but sunny . I had to work for about 2 ½ hours- haven’t blogged much about that and some of our anonymous followers don’t know that ½ of our slow speed through life is because we are still working for a living ! Don spent the time changing our engine oil , and catching up on his calls. Unfortunately for my friends by the time I get off the phone for Bayside Rentals my enthusiasm for making calls has dwindled. We did eat in and had our heat on after dinner but with jackets on could finally sit out in the cockpit. We watched the dolphins feed, the pelicans dive bomb for their food right off our stern and the highest skilled rowers you ever saw practice their craft. There is a rowing training center right up one of the smaller canals.. We were the only boat.  So nice to be off a mooring and on anchor. I woke in the middle of the night and not a sound. Not a mooring tapping the side of the boat, halyards slapping in the wind, water lapping, trains, cars, planes, not even a welcomed bird sound. Dead quiet – the River is lined with waterfront homes and apartments so we are far from being in the wilderness – Merrit Island and the Indian River are between us and the mainland.   We just enjoyed our spot last night – no photos. Tiller is not a lap cat – so this is a rare one of a kind photo – he was cold !

Don’s foot is still a real problem for him. The up side is I am skippering much more often and have developed a lot more confidence. Don always has be skipper when we are sailing but motoring the waterway – it’s a different boat – a different deal. Today is easy – we are just going in a straight line up the Indian River – so using our auto pilot to be sure it works before Don and crew set sail off shore from northern Fl. on up to VA.  How do you like Don’s new mode of transportation to take the weight off his foot? The scooter makes him smile !:~) I love it because now we can go a mile.

We’ll anchor in Titusville tonight – get fuel, do laundry – then watch the weather and figure out what to do in the rain on Sunday.

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