Monday, March 1, 2010

Engine woes

~ Stuart and standing still - the water pump on our engine needs a rebuild - sounds simple - it's not -Thankfully our friend Rod was able to help Don take it all apart.  The water pump was inaccessible so instead of watching the Olympic Hockey game they toiled in the engine space where they clearly don't  fit. To reach the water pump they had to take out the motor mounts, strap the engine to the boom so they could take it's wight off the floor of the boat, they ahd to remove the alternator and then try to get the pump off.  The last bolt was frozen and rusted - the head was stripped.  So they gave it up for the night - we got to see just the end of the game ! Happy for Canada - quite a contest ! Doris and Rod fed us and loaned us more tools. In the morning Don and I were able to get me in the engine compartment from above - he got as far in as he could from inside the boat - with a mirror,patience and finess were able to pound the tool Rod lent us onto the bolt - it was hard because Don had to look at it through a mirror - he held the tension on the ratchet and I was able to put all my night into carefully turning it without wiggling it up or down.  It worked - we were able to strip it off.

Then we drove to Fort Pierce to drop it off at the diesel repair place.  Stopped at the ocean on our way back - too cool for beachgoers so it was beautiful and empty.


peter said...

thanks fot the happy b-day marg.
Lots a snow and ice.and slush. the rubber boots I
bought in P-town finally came in handy...peter

Molly said...

Maybe this is a sign you should stay and enjoy Spring Break! Good luck with the repairs.

Anonymous said...

Where is his head?