Wednesday, March 24, 2010

From Paradise to Daytona

~ Daytona - Alas - we decided to stay another day in Rock House Creek to socialize with our new friends Claire and Dean on their new ( to them ) CHY Trawler named "Southern Comfort" and our friends from Stuart Sami and Barry on "Ever After". Claire has been wanting a cat on board so we were asked to Bring Tiller with us. He loved the space and proved to her he could climb the outside ladder. She wanted to be sure a boat cat could -('course he could ) She tried to trade us her stuffed cat for Tiller - but no such luck. We had a nice social hour on their boat  until the no-see-ums invaded. of the advantages of this cold windy winter down here - no bugs.  We woke to 55 degrees again in the cabin this morning - a bit chilly.  Now in our less than gorgeous anchorage in Daytona between 2 bridges and just out of the  channel it's a beautiful 70 degree day.  We work every day to not get too much sun exposure. Difficult on our open cockpit boat but the trip to here was just 2 1/2 hours.  Claire and Dean have gone to a marina - ahhh a shower - forgot what that feels like .... We are anchored with Barry and Sami and will dingy over to Caribbean Joe's for dinner.  Tomorrow comes the Dicey - W - tricky spots all day - not looking forward to that but I will say we have goteen pretty good a them. Don's instincts are very good - a few years of experience on the ICW helps and lots of research about the tide and asking other boaters. A little disconcerting that every few hours the Coast Guard comes on the marine radio with a warning about running aground at the Matanzas inlet but they don't hop in their little boat and go move the markers so the deep water would again me in the middle.  They have that spot marked by floating cans - not hard to move. Instead we have found out we are to go through the area getting as close tot he red cans as we can without taking paint off them. Yikes -

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