Saturday, March 20, 2010

Summer has arrived

~ 878.1 Titusville - what a gorgeous day though NOAA was wrong again on the wind direction so no sailing.  Got to Titusville around 1 after another 7:30 departure.  Got fuel, pump out, water and were lucky enough that they weren't busy and were able to fit in one load of wash.  As a reminder - the mile numbers I put on the posts now that we are headed north are the distance on the waterway to Norfolk , VA - to put the boat away we have about 50 miles past that up the Chesapeake Bay. That many miles at 5 -6 miles an hour.  It's nice - you don't miss a thing.  78 degrees in the boat and over 80 in the sun - wow I guess we'll keep heading north - this is the warmest we have see all winter/spring. Remembering our trip with Greg and Michelle to Cape Canaveral last year - that was fun - miss you guys.

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