Sunday, March 21, 2010

The dolphins make me happy !

~mile 842.2 - Rock House Creek ~ Pretty good night on the anchor in Titusville - a little breezy mid - night - another 6:30 alarm clock - hard so soon after the clocks change but another beautiful sunrise as we got off at 7:15.  Easy trip to Rock House Creek - one of our favorite anchorages by the Ponce Inlet. Unfortunately about to get wholloped by a storm so not putting the dingy in the water.  Trying to map out our trip north to be sure we are at the Fort Mantanzas Inlet at high tide. it's 15 miles or so from St. Augustine and in the past several weeks Tow Boat reports 35 - 40 boats have grounded. Depths have not been a problem so far. I dread that whole ride int o St Augustine - tricky and shallow for miles. So far though our trip has been uneventful -   A few thin spots but we know them pretty well. The ICW takes due diligence, patience and at times the big slow up.  Went through the Haulover canal today - it's so pretty in there - lots of fisherman families on a  Sunday morning. Lots of birds. Saw lots of dolphins today as we went through Mosquito Lagoon.  There are many spoil islands - little sandy treed oasis's  - we can see weekend campers with their tents and little boats on the beach. They have beautiful fine white sandy beaches.  Easy to be on a tiny island alone here. Been enjoying these 5 - 6 hour days with time to work and rest at anchor.
~ Yesterday we had a fun first - we passed another Westsail 32 on the waterway - he was headed south - this our third trip and we have seen other Westsails in our anchorage but never passed one. Then last night a knock on our hull - another Westsail 32 owner in Titusville (Scott) saw us anchored out - unfortunately we were tired and trying to sponge bathe - so Don just chatted with him for a few minutes - but would have been fun if he had stopped by earlier.  They are great boats and owners are certainly drawn to other owners. This is actually our boat in Maine -

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