Friday, March 19, 2010

Wind Blown

~914.2 - Made it to Dragon Point today from Vero beach - we had intended to skip Vero this time around but spent the day sailing, motor sailing and motoring from Stuart in consistent 25-30 knot winds with some gusts as high as 33 - Had our ski parkas on again ! But the sun was out and the boat was heeled a few times - what a lovely feeling that was.  The wind was just a little too on the nose to keep the jib up so we had to motor .  Forgot what it was like to have the boat heeling and all the things we thought were put away come crashing across the boat ! We got to the bridge at the Vero anchorage and it was still blowing 25 and up - made the decision to check out the anchorage - for one night we did NOT want to raft and di not want to launch the dingy.  They indeed had empty moorings so we picked one up - right behind Thumper Grand Banks 32 - Margaret & Bob who had just left us 2 days before from the mooring in front of us in Stuart.  They were kind enough to give Don a ride to Shore to shower and pay. It was nice to see them again as we are all on the road - smiling faces all around. Tired and to bed early - hate getting u while it's dark but love the light as the sun rises .  We were up again today at 6:30 - off the mooring at 7:30 - it was a beautiful morning heading by Johns Island and all the little spoil islands along the way - spring of sorts - though it was in the 40's still and again this morning. We hear Maine is having a warm spring ..hmmm.  Nice calm ride up the Indian River to Dragon pint - right into the wind - due north - so no sails today - but motor running great - cat settled in - crew seems happy enough.  We changed the oil when we got to the anchorage above the Mathers bridge.  Beautiful here - quiet , sunny , warm with just a bite to the breeze. Working hard to figure out our tracks. The bridge in St. Augustine is closed part of the time - we won't be able to get through it until the 27th of March.  Need to time our fuel stops, head pump out and laundry and shower some where along the way.   We saw a gorgeous site today, a Sunfish Regatta off our starboard side near Melbourne.  We counted 55 sails - mostly white - that was a disappointment for someone who taught sailing on a Sunfish when i was 11?12? Something like that.  Don figured they are higher tech sails - there were a few coloful stripped ones thrown in - how can parents on land know who is ahead? I remember my mother watching our lightning races from ashore and when the spinnakers came out she and the others on the beach knew exactly the order of things.

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