Friday, March 26, 2010

Happy Birthday DON & TILLER!!

~ St Augustine 777.8 - Today is Don and Tiller's birthday - I know can you believe it? Tiller born on don's birthday - last year when Tiller asked if he could find his birth parents we said - ahh gee why not?  When we got the birth certificate - well there it was...March 26, 2008 :~)

We had an exciting night last night - a cold front blew through at 11:30 at 40 miles per hour.  We are on anchor amongst 25 boats - the holding here has a reputation for not being that great - it's worth it because we have access to St Augustine.  (There is a lot of current here - in fact we struggled a little when we anchored and the ind was blowing 15 - 20 against the current - the boat settled in and the wind had died at dinner time.) Now our boat was bucking like a bronc - we sleep forward in the V berth so woke up with  he first of the storm. Don got up and stayed up to watch and be sure we didn't drag or the boats around us.The top wind Don saw was 38 - that is not fun - quite frightening in fact though had we dragged we would have had to do what one person in the anchorage had to do - go out in the storm and drive the boat into the wind the best you can.  That where a an enclosure would be really great.

Don's favorite meal to eat out is breakfast and I desperately needed a shower so off we went to land - had  a wonderful omelet at the Greek restaurant, showered ( luxuriated actually ) We try to take sailors showers ( short ) but the St Augustine marina has real water pressure - ahhhh.

This picture of Tiller is the evening in Rock house Creek when we were on Claire and Dean's trawler - Tiller was jumping form our dingy to Barry's - what he didn't consider was that as he pushed off the 2 dinghies would be much farther apart - he made it, gratefully didn't claw into Barry's inflatable - it was quite a site - I don't know how long that jump was but longer than I have ever seen him jump ! Sami caught the pre jump form on he phone. Her is Barry putting Tiller back where he belongs ! Well off to town again and figure out where we can find a few groceries.  I'll get a pic of Don on his birthday scooter and post later.

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