Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Florida has record lows

Another cold and windy night - about 4 AM the wind really kicked up -when it does we bounce - we are in the St. Lucie River and it is quite wide open at the anchorage - yesterday there were actually white caps.  This means any travel in the dingy and we get a litte wet especially me - of course because I'm up front ! The good thing about it being in the high 20's last night - low 20's with the wind chill - the chocolate I have on board is not in danger of melting. The unfortunate thing is that we are not getting work done on the boat that is necessary and part of the reason we are parked in Stuart.  My reservations for Bayside Rentals have picked up and it is nice to not be travelling - just much easier to keep everything organized.

Tiller has developed some kind of wound that we are keeping our eye on - we htink while we were paying witht he super ball ( one of our gretest nightime entertainments ) that he whacked himself. We are hoping that is all it is.

I've been working on my pine needle basket. We've continue to meet a great bunch of people and had dinner with Carl and Laura from Sweden who have travelled the world. Very fun to hear traveller stories.

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