Thursday, January 7, 2010

Florida heat

Another really nice thing about the cold is that the Floridians are way too busy trying to figure out how to get their heat from the ceiling mounted heater down to the floor to be out in their boats.  In this river we regularly get waked by motorboats speeding back and forth - other than wind driven waves it's been very calm.

After a trip to shore this morning I feel like I'm in a ski resort.  Lots of attractive, athletic looking people bundled up in parkas with their faces to sun - milling around the lodge, drinking coffee and hot chocolate.

Independence ~ I finally started the dingy motor all by myself - now let's see if I can do it again ! I even made a perfect landing back at the boat - How do we lose all those skills we had as a kid?

Photos of our lounge where we have tv and computer access -


Bill and Fran said...

You two should be back home to get warm!!!!!!!!!!!! 21 outside 83 inside and I am in shorts. It was warmer here then there the other morning. Someone we know called from Fruitland park and said it was 27 there and expected it to be below zero here and it was 28. We have some more sonw but it has stayed warm, cooling off this weekend and then to warm again. Last year by now I was swimming by now. Have fun. Fran & Bill

Anonymous said...

Who said you any skills as a kid??

Margaret and Don Lacoste said...

Some of you reading my blog may not be aware I have 7 all grown up though perhaps not that mature. I suspect this comment might be one close in age who is jealous of my incredible skills in many categories - though as a kid he could always out run and out ski me. At least I can complete a full sentence.

Margaret and Don Lacoste said...

Hi Bill and Fran - good to hear from you - another storm here - you are really missing a Maine florida winter so far. Glad you are keeping warm- keep those embers IN the fire when it gets too hot ! Tiller says Hi !

just as mature said...

I can still out run and out ski you. You could always out drink me though!!