Wednesday, January 13, 2010


This is a really great community of  people. Who are we meeting while living on our sailboat for the winter? Young, old, (mostly middle aged ) , rich, poor and everything in between.  We don't generally know what many of our fellow boaters have done over their years of living and on any given day you can find almost any skill in the crowd.  We have needed help recently to fiberglass the hole in our dingy and to install some wifi antenna things on our computers.  It was not hard to find help. Carl was great in helping Don despite the cold weather get the dingy fixed and Niel is our books a computer genius. One recent afternoon there were 10 of us in the lounge working on computers. Niel helped nearly everyone ( Niel is in the red shirt ) with some little problem or another.  In the meant time we have a car here as most don't so Don has ferried people to get propane ( one of the hardest provisions to get on foot ) and to Wal-mart and many other places.  We have also occasionally just lent the car out.  We are strangers who became instant friends with a common goal that is more than to just get out of the cold.

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