Monday, January 25, 2010

More Winds - departure rescheduled

I'll finish that story below later today !


Anonymous said...

I was a participant in this tragic event and I can only praise the heroic efforts of Captain Charley Burns on the "Infinity".

Unfortunately, I share your opinion about the Coast Guard response to this incident. The Coast Guard radio operator was more of a hinderance than help. The constant repetition of requests for information interfered with VHF communication between vessels on the scene. At the time, the need for action was far greater than the need for information.

I can only hope this terrible outcome will serve as reminder that wearing a PFD could have saved this man's life.

Please continue your blog because I would like to hear more of your thoughts on this.

A Concerned Captain

Margaret and Don Lacoste said...

I'm working while traveling so unfortunately it took me a few days to finish my post - I'm not sure I understand what the Coast Guard was trying to accomplish. I don't want to bash them but listening skills were required - It was difficult to picture the situation and hear the constant breaks that didn't flow as did the breaks from Tow Boat and the MCSO - Mr. Burns is clearly the definition of a hero - listening to the incident was chilling and there are great lessons to be learned - if you know him personally please let him know we were honored to listen to him - very saddened by the entire episode, but honored after all the idle chat on this radio to be able to take away some positive instruction.