Saturday, January 30, 2010

Tiller, George & Silas

Tiller seems to think everything is his. If I put a jacket down - an instant bed. If a neighbor comes for dinner ( Blair ) he jumps in their dingy. I just opened my computer case and he hopped right in it. I really don't need cat hair on everything !  While we've been here is Stuart we are more just living - call the boat a small cottage - so we are off the boat a lot. Tiller has been petty patient with all of this but he has started to meow and cause a ruckus in the neighborhood when we aren't on the boat.  If he sees someone else on their boat nearby apparently he has started meowing a lot.   Not like him.  So he is ready to leave Stuart as well. His wolrd is so much smaller on the boat than in our backyard and beyond in Maine.  He is far more famous here than he is in Bayside.  he will heel on a leash like a  dog  - I ( until I hurt my knee yesterday - yes the one that took 2 years to heal ) jog with him on the dock and can can get going pretty well.  He loves our neighbors dogs at home but it seems most of these boaters have dogs about Tiller's size or smaller - it's very confusing or maybe he is out of practice - he runs the other way.
    Tiller is far from the only boat cat around we here -we had dinner with our friend George and his parents last night. They have a little one year old cat - about 1/3 the size of Tiller - way more rambunctious and still straching - we are lucky Tiller never scratched anything but the sisel doormat we have so we cart tat from home to the boat and back again. 
George is really our nephew. you tell me - hmm that's Silas with his sister Molly in front of the cornfield - And here is George -  George is 17 and we are comparing him at that age. He has Silas's laugh - is tall and gangly - nice kid. he and I spend more time working in the lounge on our computers than anyone here - and George more than me - I'm doing rentals - he's doing physics.  What a great kid and disappointing there aren't any other kids out here even close to his age.  I introduced him to the i touch today - he has been way too deep in his studies for toys like that. His father cooked us an incredible shrimp/scallop dish last night - mmmm. We'll miss George - he has been a real bright spot in our trip here to Stuart and a good lesson as his family politics are opposite ours but that is the great thing about our democracy and the wonderful thing about being in the same boat  - I remember someone saying once we are all more alike than we are different. That might be a good one to think about today - So... Silas - know we have been thinking about you everyday - I'm not kidding being around this kid is being around you at the same age !

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