Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Wow ! Life has been busy here - now time to move on.

As you can see from my posts( I mean lack of ), we have been very busy here. Bayside Rentals reservations have been coming in pretty well and it takes me a couple to several hours a day  - of course everything here takes longer as it's not as easy as just sitting at my desk at home.  I am often on my cell card which is like dial up.  If I work in the common lounge on shore there is much camaraderie and chat that I end up getting only the necessities done. We have met so many great friends we have had dinner either at the on shore pot lucks or on someone else s boat nearly every night and of course have had friends to our boat as well.  We feel like we got gypped out of about 2 weeks of our Stuart time with the weather. We have not been able to keep our promises to 3 sets of friends that we would take them sailing. We have not seen our shore friends nearly enough but we have developed wonderful friendships with a core group of cruisers who were here at Christmas.  Now many of them have moved on and we are planning our leaving as well. Unlike many we are not going to the Bahamas but are anxious to explore Ft. Lauderdale, Miami and the northern Keys by boat.  not an easy task as each day needs to be planned carefully so we have somewhere to tie up or drop anchor for the night. this gets trickier around the cities.  We hope to run off shore from Lake Worth to Ft. Lauderdale. That would bring us in the inlet called Port Everglades. The largest cruise ship and many others almost just like it dock there and go in and out that inlet - Yikes !!!!! It's felt sad to say good bye to Carl & Laura, Dick and Libby, LT and Sandy, Gail and Gary, and lots others. Hopefully we will find them "down the road". So we've started studying our charts, gathering information from our more experienced cruiser friends. We have a calm day today so Don has been fixing our broken stantion post and other necessities on board we thought would be repaired long ago.  We have cleaning to do, provisioning to think about and weather to watch. The St. Lucie River where we are has lowered in depth since our arrival. All those strong winter northerlies literally blew the water out of the St Lucie and the Indian River that houses the ICW.  Many people have gone aground the last week at the crossroads of the St. Lucie and the Indian. We will plan our departure for high tide ( only a foot of tide here ) and hope for the best. Sunday is our target date ut that can change in a heart beat. I couldn't resist another photo of Tiller in the dingy - he perches right up on the rub rail - the longer we stay the more famous he has become.

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