Tuesday, January 5, 2010


On Sunday we went to a free Jazz concert on the waterfront right in downtown Stuart – they have a beautiful boardwalk on the St. Lucie River.  The one disadvantage on a cold windy winter day is that the seating faces north – usually an advantage for a warm Florida day.  It was so cold and windy – out of the north. I had on wool sock, jeans ( Lon those 50 cent jeans from the tag sale are great ! , a long sleeve t, a thick zip up shirt, windproof vest and my parka. What I didn’t have was hat and gloves.  We got chilled to the bone but the music was great and the atmosphere festive.  During the break we went the block to town and grabbed a cup of chili at the in town diner then back for another set of music. We were about the most bundled up people there – I can’t imagine keeping my flip flops on when it’s that cold. Floridians think a hooded sweater is a jacket ! Most dress for fashion – no one in this anchorage is dressing for fashion – believe me !

Yesterday we ran errands and stopped at a diner for lunch – you must think we are diner hopping – a guy sat next to us – asked us if we were sailors – yes – “where are we from/” – Maine – he said – “Of course only sailors would have on such expensive jackets.”  He looked like a yacht broker – you know – like an insurance salesman but somehow more yachty – We chuckled – my Northface parka was $35.00 at the outlet in Freeport and Don’s Vicking foul weather gear 100% waterproof jacket from Hamilton marine in Searsport was $55.00. I guarantee the guy’s shoes were a lot pricier than that !

At least when it’s cold out I can think, I’m more apt to get exercise  we burn more calories in the cold from shivering – what I really don’t like is the heat !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!:) (photo is of the river front stage )

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