Monday, January 11, 2010

The fish

The fish are literally dying around us and now the birds are circling overhead, dozens of birds, dozens of fish. It's so sad.  Florida is a beautiful natural wildlife sanctuary. That is - the spots that man and woman have not spoiled.  Even in some of the spoilage - where houses and condos plaster the waters edge - from our life afloat we still see amazing birds, sea turtles, manatee, dolphins and so much more.  To see the dead fish floating just feels so sad, how do these waters, how does the wildlife recover?  They already have to many things to fight with us polluting the water, over fishing and generally disregarding wetlands.   This morning we first noticed the birds - circling along the shore and this afternoon their numbers had grown.  I have been without news from the tv or newspaper but I am sure this must be a topic of conversation - a reminder how fragile our environment is.

Our dingy - notice the hole covered with gorilla tape - I chose to ask the neighbor for a ride to shore this morning !  Don and Carl spent a good part of the afternoon working on a fix, taking the baler out and fiberglassing over it - Warmer air would be better for a bond but i am trusting they know what they are doing and Carl said his epoxy was cold set so we can only keep our fingers crossed.  A hole in the boat is a serious issue ! :) ~~~_/) ~~~

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Dick Mills said...

It is the cold temperatures, not pollution that is killing the fish.

13 years ago there was a massive kill in Vero because of cold. A local ays that hundreds of tons of fish littered the shores around Vero. It stunk for weeks.