Friday, January 22, 2010

Wind, dead fish,work

Life continues to be busy here - I've spent 2 days holed up a the library getting my 45 1099 tax forms out to our cottage owners and cleaners.  Reservations are coming in a few a day - that is great ! I'm not getting it all done and haven't had time to blog. The elements play a large role in what we do every day. Always have to dingy to shore - The wind howled all night and has been blowing 20 - 25 all day today. WE had 2 days of calm and continue to be amazed a the dead fish.  The marina now smells - there are fish of all sizes dead from the cold water. We saw a huge fish someone said was a tarpin - I don't know but it was very fat and had the most gorgeous silver scales I ever saw.  It's been a  real devastation to the marine life here - our friend Carl now in Key Largo says the fish have died there as well. 

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