Friday, February 12, 2010

Art & Sue ~ Trying to duck the storm that is a brewin'

We are fresh off a visi from Don's childhood bes friend Art and his wife Sue. They stayed at the Indian Creek Hotel in Miami for 2 nights while visiting us.  A really neat retro miami hotel if you know anyone looking to stay relatively cheap in Miami Beach - we'd recommend it.

We moved teh boat yesterday to get protection from the gale that is nearly upon us only to have to move it again early this morning. We awoke at 6:45 to hear our neighbor yelling to us - with no wind and the tide and current turning each boat a different way - we were too close to other boats.  Now the wind has come up - we are in our new anchorage in a canal and behind an island looking for maximum rotection. As I type the boat is being heeled by the wind, Don is talking to other boats who foolishly have come into the anchorage and are too close, 2 trawlers hooked together on one anchor. NOT a good idea with a gale.  Don and our neighbor already jumped on board a dragging boat - the wife was alone - the husband was a tthe boat show.  Most of us have decided not to leave our boats today due to the weather.

This adventure has only the rarest of dull moments - since we hit Miami there hasn't been one either on land or on the water !

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