Saturday, February 27, 2010

Back in Stuart - had great time in Miami

We just wanted a little privacy - There we are anchored next to Tiger Wood's yacht in Lake Worth.  We had an eventful trip from our Boca anchorage with all the bridges, lots of wind and knowing a storm was on it's way.  The storm hit around 10 AM ( earlier than predicted ). With the first lightning bolt Don made me go below.  He stayed out in the pouring rain chugging us up the waterway and I did my best to keep track of the next bridge and how fast we should go to hit the openings on time and not have to wait 1/2 hour for the next opening. We called ahead and asked one bridge tender to wait for us - we were about a minute late - doesn't sound like a lot of time but the bridges will not open other than scheduled and will not hold a bridge for a slower boat. We caught a break due to the horrendous weather and she said keep on coming - all of sudden our engine dies - we were out of fuel on that tank - Don yelled for me to come up and steer the boat, he jumped down the companion way, unlocked the ladder, opened the engine door - switched tanks and after a few cranks (turn of the key ) the engine started - we were at the bridge - went through no problems - whew !  A little exciting.  We contemplated trying to get to Stuart but heard on the radio they had a huge localized storm cell ( it hailed ) so we pulled into Lake Worth.  We were trying to position ourselves for the strong winds that were coming Wed. night - we pulled as close to the docks and condos as we dared and to still be out of their way.  After the anchor was down I looked at the largest boat on the dock - immediately recognized the name ! Only the yacht hands were aboard and had fun watching them fish off the back of the boat.

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