Monday, February 15, 2010

Visit from Sean and Joan

I'd love to be able to tell you Sean and Joan arrived and we went to the beach and sweated in the sun shine but we woke up yesterday to brisk cool winds and a temp of about 45 degrees.  None the less it was wonderful  to see my brother and sister in law  - given the came from Vermont they were happy enough just to be away.  We "did" the famous Coconut Grove Craft show with about 150,000 other people. What a scene - throngs of people en-mass flowing by the art booths. Very high end art - a few booths were so jammed packed you couldn't enter but many were completely empty as the crowd just slowly passed by.  Coconut Grove is funky - been a long time since I'd seen more than one head shop in a town - seems like the perfect place to come via Westfalia ! Actually we will be sailing down there later this week or next - we are going to move slow here for a few days no that our planned activities are over.  Dinner last night was wonderful at the Indian Creek Hotel - we didn't get to the hotel until about 6 - had a beer at the bar - that's when we remembered what a high holiday Valentines day is - they were full and white table clothed - the bartender was great and offered we could eat in the bar.  A little fancier than we had planned but delicious and it was a real treat to dine at a first class place - pizza is good and you can get really good pizza in Miami Beach but a nice lingering dinner is a lot fun with people you want to catch up with - Sean and Joan - thank you for the effort to detour to Miami Beach - we loved seeing you. And Sean thanks for all the driving - the traffic was heavy but we had a few sights along the way.

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Joan & Sean said...

we're back in Vermont- and it is cold and windy here, too! Had a great trip and was pleasantly surprised by Miami! Loved South beach and Coconut Grove. Happy sailing- hope you find some warm weather out there! xo