Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Heading north

Woke up to fog this morning after strong winds and rain yesterday - we are off - hoping to make ti to Boca tonight - hope to be tucked in Lake Worth when the next big winds hit Thursday as another cold - yes - wow - what a surprise - a cold front moves through ! ~ Lake Boca Mile ~ 1047.8 - 16 opening bridges today - 7:15 to 3:00 PM - lots of boat traffic - F. Lauderdale was a zoo with tugs, ships, tourist boats and fishing boats and of course cruisers . Stay on your toes ! We just couldn't luck out and get teh weather to go outside - there was no wind at all and by the time we got to Ft Lauderdale it came up to about 7 but from the north.  NOOA worng again !  This cell card of mine is great but works like dial up - frustrating at times - I'll try one more time to post photo but I got to get off my feet - long day in the sun. (grrr - in Stuart i will have wifi - stay tuned


Anonymous said...

change of plans?

Margaret and Don Lacoste said...

Yes ! There is always a change of plans - we've decided to go back to Stuart for 10 days or so - and then it's time to start the slow trek north getting me to Fernandina Beach by early April - Don will then get the boat back to Deltaville.