Saturday, February 20, 2010

Life in Miami Beach

~Miami Beach - we have our shorts on !~Saturday was a beautiful day and now it's Sunday - we woke up to 66 degrees in the boat - yeah ! Finally tough listening to the weather this isn't going to last.  So we will stay in the moment. We took the bus to South beach yesterday and swam in the gorgeous water - it was a little cool but felt great - the beach was very crowded - the tourists have been chomping at the bit for a warm day. Don's foot and ankle are not doing well and a lot of walking here has only aggravated it.  The bus here is just 25 cents each way making it very easy to get around. This has been the most fun anchorage we have been in.  We are right behind Sunset Islands just north of the Venetian causeway which is just north of the Port of Miami inlet at South beach.
We take our dingy 5 minutes down the canal. Tie up behind the dry cleaners - right across from the funeral parlor ( I feel like a hobo ) and walk one block west to the new Plublix grocery. So food has been easy from here. Another block is a public park where we can fill water jugs. The bus stops right at Pulblix.  For laundry - we walk south 4 blocks (it's on 15th st for you sailors )  - again - easy.  I love the walk down Lincoln Blvd which is pedestrian only - shops and cafes for 10 city blocks east - then cross Collins and cross Washington and voila there is the gorgeous white sand beach with aqua green water.
 Carl and laura on Ekotopia are here with and this morning we find ourselves - the 2 boats - alone in this gorgeous spot. it's amazing how close we are to everything but it is quiet here - our neighbors are all waterfront houses -  we found out yesterday that Martina Navratilova is one of our closest neighbors.


Robert said...

Would you like to contact Steve Lang? He's a lot of fun and his wife Isha is a hoot. Have gmail chat and I am on Skype. We'll be in Scottsdale in late March and into April. We leave when the lifts close. Glad you got sunny day at South Beach. Hope Don didn't suffer eye strain. Favorite activity is buying milkshake at Johnny Rockets and watching the passing parade.

focus said...

Margaret, Enjoying your blog entries. Sorry your weather isn't all that it could be this winter! We have tenants in our house in Venice, and they are none to pleased with this year's temps. It's 40 degrees here in midcoast Maine today ... sun expected to arrive at some point. Then rain/snow/yuck on and off for the rest of the week.

I'm taking two jewelry classes at the moment - having a great time! But just accepted a job with the Rockland Chamber, so that'll definitely cut into creative time. Looking forward to it, though!

Looking forward to catching up when you return, but in the meantime Enjoy, Enjoy, Enjoy!


focus said...

p.s. just saw that gmail is identifying me as "Focus" .... that's a project I worked on in Portsmouth with the middle school. Thought I had gotten rid of that as my identity. I'll have to work on that.