Saturday, February 6, 2010

Ft. Ladeda

~ mile 1062.6- Coral Ridge yacht club, Ft Lauderdale ! Had a fun visit in Ft. Lauderdale - stayed one night in Sunrise Lake on the anchor and 2 nights at the Coral Ridge yacht Club with some of our closest friends on their 100 foot yachts !! That's the yacht club to the right - the pink building totally overshadowed by the yachts.  Friday night the wind blew about 25 knots all night - Don didn't sleep as is his job when we are on anchor and we are in a big blow - so we were tired and wishing to see our friends Ed and Brad who live in Ft. Lauderdale  - We also needed water and to have the toilet holding tanked  pumped. So we called the yacht club and asked them if they would allow us to tie up for 2 nights as we are also a member of a yacht club in Maine. They said yes so we had dockage for 1/2 the price we have found anywhere else in Ft. Lauderdale.  We were a little on the small side and just one of 2 sailboats in the whole place.  People were very nice and Tiller was happy for some shore time though it's so hard because we have to keep him tied all the time we are at the dock.  Saturday afternoon when Ed came to pick us up we couldn't believe how close were actually were to his house.  We would have loved to have stayed on the anchor in the free little pond next to the club but we would have not had any place to land our dingy as it was all private property around us. Don cooked us a fabulous shrimp dinner and once again wonderful to spend an evening with great friends. Dock time is also chore time.  WE cleaned the boat inside and out, hooked up our second anchor and much more.  Sunday morning we knabbed to strong guys because the way we pulled into the dock we really weren't sure we could get off without going into the boat next to us. I think you can see from the photo what I mean - it all went well and off to Miami.

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