Thursday, February 4, 2010

I like my boats classic and my houses modern

~1062.6 Sun Rise Lake, Ft Lauderdale,FL - up at 6 again but plan was to continue inside passage to Ft. Lauderdale - 6 opening bridges - got through first one at 7:20 and arrived in Sunrise Lake around 10:40 - easy day except one bridge tender who didn't know southbound from northbound.  Usually the boats who have the current pushing them go through first - it's harder to control the boat than the ones going into the current.  She had 3 boats on the south side confused and 4 of us on the north side. Once again Don's boat handling got us out of some potential trouble as we powered up to go through and the motoryacht in front of us suddenly stopped as he realized the boats on the other side were coming through first.  It was great fun to see the houses along the way and joy that the water depths are deep all the way through.  So much of the ICW is tricky because of depths it was fun to not have that worry on our shoulders and enjoy the sites along the way.  There is no question the wealthy got a little out of control with the houses they built as they tore down modest ranch homes that used to line the waterway. I'm not sure what the next generation will do with all the square footage and how they will pay for it but it did make for an interesting day.  We were lucky as well that the weather was cool and partly cloudy- a week day so not a lot of boat traffic.

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